OPPO BDP-93EU comes to Europe

As we know the super GIANT BBK ELECTRONICS of CHINA, once promised to show SONY down whos the king. Has actually done that for a few YEARS. OPPO informally announced that it was coming out with a new Blu-ray Disc player (BDP-93EU) that included 3D Blu-ray playback and Internet streaming functions. They will not be sending the unit to WHATHIFI, the reason we all know. WhatHIFI doesnt know JACK, we have seen that past, regularly changing its reviews. We see SONY and WHATHIFI as best friends a marriage that will only lead to a good death. Now, as promised, more specific details have been published, and it looks like OPPO may have another winner on its hands (pending further hand’s on reviews from the press and forthcoming users).
In addition to 3D and NetStreaming (from services such as Netflix and Blockbuster), OPPO also confirms that the BDP-93 also continues OPPO’s tradition of providing both SACD and DVD-Audio Disc playback as well as compatibility with a host of other formats, including, but not limited to, HDCD, MKV, DivX, and standard audio CDs. The BDP-93 can also play back media files from connected USB Flash or eSATA drives. Of course, standard DVD isn’t left out. The BDP-93 features a Marvell QDEO Kyoti-G2 88DE2750 upscaling chip which, if implemented properly, should provide excellent deinterlacing and 1080p upscaling for DVD playback.

On the convenience side of things, the BDP-93 also provides Dual HDMI outputs that enable the user to connect one HDMI output directly to a 3D-TV, while using the second HDMI output for connecting a separate audio feed to a pre-3D capable home theater receiver.

The announced price for the BDP-93 is $499, which is $200 less that its closest rival, the Yamha BD-A1000, that offers a similar feature set.

For a complete listing of the BDP-93′s features, including photos of the video processing board and chips, check out the Official OPPO BDP-93 Product Page. Availability will be announced soon but we have solid news it will be before christmas, SONY is stressed what to do with there players. BBK had tried the BDP 80 and soon seen how sony sees it cheap and plastic. Quality needs to be there if anything is done, the quality will be the BEST for the Europeans clients. As we said before fake rubbish reviews have kept BRITISH customers away. This is 100% free good produce NOT GM, the best OPPO.

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