UKHDMI New Technology Launchs HDMI Over IP

HDMI over IP is a brand new technology that will revolutionise the way we can approach HDMI distribution projects of any size. This is not just another HDMI over twisted pair balun device. We are really talking about sending full HD 1080p HDMI 1.3 + 5.1 audio up to 300+ metres (or further on fibre) as packet data over a standard 802.3 Ethernet LAN infrastructure to a virtually unlimited number of displays. You can also use any IR remote control to send control commands back to the source device (pause, FF, RW, change channels, etc…).

If you take a few minutes to understand this solution you will see how it is totally different from the typical CAT5 point-to-point extenders.

The HDMI over IP system is the first and only solution to bring together the scope and scalability of everyday IT networks with hi-def AV distribution. We feel absolutely confident in saying that The HDMI over IP system is the only truly “just works” solution, that can be “right-sized” into any distribution scenario from a 4 bedroom family home to airports and shopping centres.

HDMI over IP is the most flexible, expandable, controllable and affordable HDMI distribution system available anywhere! Exclusive to

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