chord cables go in a direction?

The Chord Company has added Ethernet and an optimised audio return connection to its SuperShield HDMI cable. The new version has been given the unwieldy moniker of the Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet. The company has also improved the cable’s performance with a new gold-plated plug that is a die-cast moulding, engineered for a more secure connection. In addition, all signal conductors are now 26 AWG silver-plated copper for improved conductivity. The new SuperShield supports all HDMI audio formats as well as 1080p 3D video. Why we dont understand is why Chord puts a direction on the cable. What do they think of their customers?Dual layer high-frequency effective internal signal shielding remains, as does the low-loss gas-foamed polyethylene insulation that Chord claims are “a crucial and integral part of the original performance”.When i personally want HDMI cable i go to places that dont have direction.  The Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet is on sale now in 1, 2 and 3-metre lengths, costing £50, £60, and £70 respectively.

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