Mac Mini with HDMI

HDMI for mac mini

Apple has updated the little desktop Mac Mini, and if you were thinking about buying a new MacBook or iMac, you might think a little about grabbing this instead.

The new Mini comes in a slim unibody case, 1.4-inches tall, shrinking from 2 inches, and gains an SD-card slot, an HDMI port for true media-center integration, faster NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics hardware (up from the old 9400M graphics). It also keeps FireWire 800, Mini-DVI Mini DisplayPort (and an HDMI to DVI Adapter in the box), four USB ports and Ethernet.

There are two models. One costs $700 and comes with a 2.4-GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and a 320-GB hard drive. The other is $1,000 and drops the optical drive in favor of 4 GB RAM, two 500-GB hard drives and a 2.66-GHz processor. This version runs OS X Server. Both have removable bottom panel for easy access to RAM.

That Apple would release such a big update with nothing more than a short press release used to surprise us, but these days its pretty standard. With HDMI, this is clearly aimed at the home entertainment market, but it could also be a great new Mac for anyone who has an iPad already. In fact, if you already have a monitor in the house, you could buy a Mac Mini and an iPad for $1,200. That’s the same as you’d pay for the cheapest MacBook Pro.

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