best hdmi switches!!!!!

One of the most important accessories for HDMI technology products is HDMI switch. Over the years, HDMI has quickly developed to a perfect platform for high definition digital broadcast. HDMI network is now widely used with home theatre systems, LCD TVs, mainstream gaming consoles, etc.

People are feeling the need for more HDMI input ports on their HDMI receivers as more and more consumer electronic devices are becoming HDMI compliant. There are two main ways of solving this problem- buy a new HDMI receiver which is a very costly option or to buy an HDMI switch which is the most preferable option. With a common HDMI switch, you can easily introduce four to five external HDMI ports to an existing HDMI enabled home theatre system or TV set.

One of the best features of an HDMI switch includes remote access through infrared connectivity channel. All features of HDMI switch products can be accessed via an IR remote that is used to enhance the high-definition experience of consumers. You can buy an external universal remote than will work with both your digital video player/TV set and your HDMI switch.

You must carefully choose your HDMI switch as not all products are compatible with digital video players or similar products.  Accell Cablesson® 3×1 Mini HDMI Switch, Cablesson® 3×1 Mini HDMI Switch with Remote and IR Extension, Cablesson® 5×1 HDMI Switch and many more products available in the market. While the functions and features of these products are pretty similar, their price range and compatibility are the issues to check before buying them.

Most economical HDMI switch solutions are available at about $50-$120 which is a cheaper option than buying a whole new HDMI receiver. Number of ports that can be connected to HDMI switch products also varies according to four (4~6).

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