Onkyo’s Integra DTC-9.8 AV Control Amplifier

2008, Onkyo released its new model of Integra Series DTC-9.8 AV Control Amplifier. It consumes 75W of electric power while in operation. Scheduled to be available in markets from July 20th, the amplifier will cost approx. 231,000 Yen. DTC-9.8 corresponds to HDMI ver.1.3a interface and conforms to THX Ultra2 Certification. It loads HQV video processor of class highest level. VLSC technology delivers pure sound whereas HQV Reon-VX delivers amazing image processing.

For connectivity Onkyo’s DTC-9.8 features HDMI terminal (Input ×4, output ×2), image input terminal {D4×3 and component ×3, S video ×6 and composite ×6}, image output terminal {D4×1 and the component ×1, the S video ×2, the composite ×3 (Zone2 it includes)}, the audio input terminal {Digital ×6 (optical ×3 and coaxial ×3), analog ×12 (RCA 2ch×10, RCA 7.1ch×1 and XLR 2 ch ×1)}, voice response terminal {Digital ×1 (optical ×1), analog ×6 (RCA 2ch×2, Zone2×1, Zone3×1, RCA 7.1ch×1 and XLR 7.1ch×1)}, one RS232 terminal, IR terminal {Input ×2, output ×1 – 12V trigger} and 3 output, one Microphone terminal for sound field control, one Ether terminal and one Headphone terminal.

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