Panasonic open 3D Blu-ray labs

panasonic3dhdWith the aim of producing consumer Blu-ray 3D Home Theatre products by 2010, Panasonic have opened an advanced authoring laboratory in Hollywood.

Based in Universal City the new 3D labs will work towards establishing a 3D Full HD (3D FHD) Blu-ray format and will carry out development work directly with Hollywood studios offering 3D title development services for 3D FHD Blu-ray titles.

As far as the consumer is concerned, Panasonic plan to develop a Plasma 3D Full HD home theater system (which it demonstrated in prototype form at CES 2009), a 3D-ready digital cinema projector (Theatrical Dolby 3-D system) with a 380-inch screen theater for 3D HD picture quality evaluation, and a 3-D ready MPEG-4 AVC High Profile encoder.

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Managing Director of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory stated: “Panasonic recognizes that for 3D FHD to succeed, just like Blu-ray, collaboration on research, development and production with studios and content providers is absolutely essential”. He added: “The creation of the new PHL Authoring Center will enable Hollywood to start trial production and ultimately create commercially available 3D FHD titles to realize a new window into reality, and elevate the level of High Definition entertainment that consumers can enjoy in their own homes.