“InstaPort” HDMI from SI speeds switching of A/V sources

HDTVs with InstaPort technology deliver sub-second HDMI switching
SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Silicon Image, Inc. introduced its new InstaPort technology designed to add intelligence to HDMI-enabled digital television (DTV) inputs to significantly reduce switching lag time and to allow consumers to reclaim the seconds spent during switching delays.Silicon Image’s InstaPort technology shaves down the access time to digital content from different sources to less than a second by accelerating HDMI port switching time.”With the number of HDMI ports increasing every year and HDMI port switching delays ranging from four to seven seconds, DTV and AVR manufacturers are beginning to realize that the port switching lag consumers are seeing can’t be ignored,” said Lew Paceley, DTV marketing director, Silicon Image.”Switching delays are a major consumer issue and one that hasn’t been effectively addressed by the industry,” said Randy Lawson, senior analyst of display electronics, iSuppli. “According to iSuppli’s latest HDMI technology forecast, the market for HDMI-enabled consumer electronics devices capable of sourcing or displaying high-definition content is expected to grow by over 300 percent from 2007 to 2012, based on ever-increasing user demand for high-definition content from myriad multimedia devices. As a result, more manufacturers need to design in solutions that address the lag time between HDTVs and external source devices.”"Faster port switching performance in HDMI-based DTVs and AVRs is an important innovation. Tweeter strongly endorses the new InstaPort technology from Silicon Image that will allow consumers to more quickly access their HDMI content,” said Steve Samson, vice president of systems design and engineering, Tweeter.

InstaPort technology will be incorporated into three new Silicon Image semiconductor products, including the SiI9287 port processor and the SiI9251/SiI9261 input processors.
A new generation of port processors with unique features for DTV applications
Silicon Image believes port processors are the natural evolution of its HDMI receiver products by providing new connectivity features for the DTV with minimal additional software required of the DTV’s main processor. The SiI9287 port processor supports InstaPort technology to dramatically reduce switching times between HDMI source devices such as digital video recorders (DVRs), Blu-Ray players, game consoles and set-top boxes (STBs). Previous-generation HDMI switching solutions often required long delays – usually up to four to seven seconds. Silicon Image’s 9287 port processors with InstaPort technology can reduce HDMI switching times to under a second. With the number of HDMI source devices growing, television manufacturers understand that today’s consumers want seamless and instantaneous switching between devices.

The SiI9285 and SiI9287 port processors also support Silicon Image’s MHL technology, a low-pin-count serial link technology that enables mobile devices such as cameras, mobile phones and portable media devices to connect and display standard and high-definition content to DTVs.

“High definition mobile and broadband entertainment devices of all kinds continue to emerge and consumers want more ways to connect these devices,” said Lew Paceley, DTV marketing director at Silicon Image. “Consumers expect to access content on these new devices as fast as they can change channels on their DTVs and would like the flexibility to transfer their multimedia and high-definition content from their mobile to their HDTV device. Silicon Image’s InstaPort and MHL technologies make this possible.”

Input processors deliver extraordinary 170Mhz 36-bit analog quality with InstaPort, mobile high-definition link and Chroma ViV Technologies
Silicon Image, Inc. also announced two new quad-port 170MHz 36-bit analog color input processors, the SiI9251 and SiI9261, for digital television (DTV) and audio/video receiver (AVR) products respectively. Both processors offer exceptional analog and digital content quality and incorporate Silicon Image’s InstaPort, MHL and ChromaViv technologies to dramatically reduce switching times between HDMI technology enabled source devices, offer HD mobile device connectivity to DTVs and provide highly accurate component colors.

These new input processors offer four HDMI 1.3 technology enabled ports with Deep Color and x.v.color support, four ports of 170 MHz 36-bit analog input and integrated CVBS and Y/C switching.

The following features are supported:

  • 4 HDMI 1.3 technology ports
  • Deep Color, x.v.color support
  • MHL technology and InstaPort technology support
  • 4 HD analog video ports
  • 170MHz (UXGA, 1080p)
  • 36-bit color
  • ChromaViv technology color calibration
  • Multiport CVBS/YC switch
  • Power Island design
  • Low standby power (30mW)
  • Integrated EDID (4) and CEC

“Input processors provide a high-integration, subsystem-level solution that delivers not only superior video quality but also the latest in connectivity innovation,” said Lew Paceley, DTV marketing director, Silicon Image. “DTV and AVR makers are facing increasing competition on a worldwide basis. Input processors can provide a highly differentiated, fast-time-to-market solution that is cost-effective and easily integrates the latest in consumer features.”

The SiI9251 and SiI9261 input processors incorporate InstaPort technology, a new innovation that enables high speed switching between HDMI input ports by adding intelligence to the inputs. By minimizing switching lag between HDMI technology enabled source devices, consumers can more quickly access and enjoy the content found on the ever increasing number of new mobile and broadband entertainment devices connected to the DTV.

To better support the enjoyment of high definition mobile content via the DTV, the SiI9251 and SiI9261 integrate support for Silicon Image’s MHL technology. MHL technology equipped mobile devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and media players can be easily connected to DTVs and AVRs incorporating the SiI9251/SiI9261 input processors to allow consumers to enjoy and share their mobile content on the big screen.

To complete the solution, Silicon Image is also introducing its ChromaViv 36-bit analog color technology. This advanced color calibration solution, found in the SiI9251/SiI9261 input processors, ensures accurate HD analog color.

Silicon Image’s new port processor family will be sampling in July to global manufacturers. More information on the company’s DTV solutions can be found at www.siliconimage.com.