The DVI Killer Arrives

DisplayPort is a next-generation digital interface for PCs and LCD monitors. It was designed as an immediate replacement for DVI, and a long-term replacement for VGA. DisplayPort ports will be found in PCs and LCD monitors in 2008. In addition to the ability to connect devices, DisplayPort also acts as an internal interface replacement for low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) in PCs and monitors. This allows for the development of direct drive monitors, which will lower bill-of-materials costs in monitors.

The forecast for DisplayPort in consumer electronics is less clear. Although DisplayPort is expected to have some success as an internal interconnect in digital televisions (DTV), this will not necessarily translate to DisplayPort ports on DTVs.

This report tracks the global market for DisplayPort-enabled devices, defined as devices with DisplayPort ports, in eleven different applications within three product segments: PCs, PC peripherals, and consumer electronics. Annual penetration of DisplayPort in each of the eleven markets is tracked through 2012. A DisplayPort transmitter and receiver chip ASP forecast through 2012 is also provided. Brief profiles of DisplayPort semiconductor vendors are also included.