Nintendo Power Overview – Issue 214 for April 2007

We recently received the latest issue of Nintendo Power and it’s got some rather interesting news, articles, pictures, a review and more Nintendo Wii stuff inside. I’ve got some pics I took of certain areas which I hope doesn’t get me in trouble with Big N or anything, but I just had to share. On the cover this month, we are shown various characters fro The Sims coming from EA for the Wii and they look cool, especially the guy with the pirate hat. The cover also teases Super Paper Mario, some revelations from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the DS, and previews for The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, Alien Syndrome, and Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Wii.

Let’s hop inside and see what’s going on this month!

Nintendo Wii Top Sellers
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
2. Madden NFL 07
3. Rayman Raving Rabbids
4. Red Steel
5. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
6. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
7. Call of Duty 3
8. Excite Truck
9. Trauma Center: Second Opinion
10. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam

Top 5 Most Wanted (As voted by the readers)
1. Super Smash Bros Brawl
2. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
4. Super Paper Mario
5. Fire Emblem

From the News Section:
- If you’re a DDR fan, you’ve got some good times coming in the form of Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party coming from Konami. Designed specially for the Wii, this version will have you moving your hands around in sync with the music as well as stomping your feet. It’s also going to feature some of the hottest dance tracks from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and offer multiplayer coop and competitive modes for up to 4 people. Look for it in the second half of 2007 for the Wii.

- Samurai Slash is the working title for the Romance of Three Kingdoms based game coming to the Wii from Koei. Parry and stab your enemies with eight different weapons including a mallet and the classic samurai sword. The game takes place from a first person perspective and puts you directly in the field fighting off ninjas and samurai. No release date has been determined.

- The makers of Elebits have a new game coming and it looks to be very fun based on screenshots and from reading descriptions. In Dewy’s Adventure, you play the role of a droplet of water named “Dewy” who is on an adventure to help rid the forest of the evil scourge. Using the motion sensing abilities of the Wii controls, you will move Dewy through many levels, using gesture based controls to unleash his special powers on the enemies. There is also a thermometer thrown into the mix which you will use to help freeze or steam up Dewy to figure out certain puzzles. You will also be able to build your own levels with a built in editor ala Elebits then share those custom level with friends. Dewy’s Adventure is expected to launch later this year from Konami on the Nintendo Wii.

- Naruto:Clash of Ninja is coming to the Nintendo Wii from Tomy and Eighting this fall and will make great use of the Wii control scheme. There will be much Wii remote ninja fighting as well as a few mini-games that were designed specifically for the Wii. The Wii version will also include some new faces from the anime series including Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother. There will be many varied environments and gameplay modes for the game when it arrives, look for it later this year.

- Hudson is bringing Wing Island and Kororinpa: Marble Mania to the Wii very soon in North America, Wing Island being a lighthearted flight sim and Kororinpa being a Monkey Ball/Marble Madness type game where you manipulate the environments to get your marble to the goals. Look for these two titles this month.

Newly Added Games to the Game Watch Forecast
- Cosmic Family
- Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party
- Dewy’s Adventure
- Driver: Parallel Lines
- Kororinpa: Marble Mania
- Naruto: Clash of Ninja Wii
- Samurai Slash
- Wing Island

From the Previews Section:
- Get ready for the second course when Cooking Mama: Cook Off comes to the Nintendo Wii this Spring. Sticking with many of the same formulas that made the DS version an excellent game, in Cook Off you will participate in a variety of mini games that revolve around cooking. The game has been spiced up since it’s DS inception with new modes, recipes, and of course controls that make use of the Wii remote and Nunchuk. Chop vegetables and crab legs with the Wii Remote by making chopping movements, turn up the heat by twisting the controls, and stir stews by holding the remote vertically and making stirring motions. The game will use the controls in a variety of ways similarly to Wario Ware, but it does give you more time to play each mini-game than Smooth Moves. The Delicacies this time cover dishes from 10 countries including fettuccine, fish n chips, sushi, borscht, curry, brochette, and many more. Even hot dogs and hamburgers make an appearance rounding out the list to 55 total recipes including some rather tasty looking desserts. Cooking Mama for the Wii also offers split screen multiplayer modes so you and your pals can see who is the top chef. Look for the game to release sometime Spring 2007.

- Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is punching and kicking it’s way onto the Wii and this time around there isn’t any of that green blood mess. It’s going to be very brutal and very p close and personal as you use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to pull off your fighters moves. Scorpions chain attack is in as are many other special moves, combos, and fatalities from your favorite fighters. Along with the expected fighting game also comes a kart-racing game that makes use of the Wii controls as well. Exclusive to the Wii version will be an Endurance mode in which you will be fighting a string of enemies with no refills on the health. Over 60 playable fighters with more to unlock, look for Mortal Kombat to hit the Wii in April of 2007.

- Also due this Spring is TMNT for the Wii. The turtles are back and all out of bubble gum in this version of the game coming from Ubisoft. Using the Prince of Persia engine to ensure the visuals are top notch, the game gets rid of the puzzle factor and instead opts for a full on fighting levels. Fight in the sewers, over rooftops, and even in the South American jungles as you tilt and swing the Wii controls to attack your foes. Keep an eye out for TMNT coming very soon for the Nintendo Wii.

- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 looks to be taking what was started with Wii Sports Golf and moving it to the next level with added realism and improved graphics. Known for it’s realism, Tiger Woods is going to be a must play for those that enjoy golf and maybe found Wii Sports Golf and Super Swing Golf a bit too arcade-y for their tastes. Using real life courses and real life players from the sport of golf, you will be using the Wii remote to swing your game into action. Twisting the remote during your swing will send the ball into a draw or a fade, affecting your game that much more. To help you immerse you even further, the games sound effects of the ball being struck and your club swooshing towards it are handled by the speaker on the Wii remote. The Wii version will offer various tweaks and enhancements to the Tiger Woods formula overall including a new aiming cursor to help you determine where the ball is going to land based on your swing. The Tiger Challenge mode allows you to take on pro golfers on 18 different championship courses in a mix of arcade style games as well as more traditional golf rounds. The PGA Tour Season mode allows you to play a five year span of golf, increasing your golfers stats along the way and earning cash that can be used for various upgrades. Tiger Woods is scheduled to appear this month on the Nintendo Wii.

- If you’re afraid of bugs at all, Escape from Bug Island might give you the chills. Coming from Eidos in the Spring of 2007, this B-movie inspired game puts you in the role of a character named Ray who has found himself alone on a creepy island with mutant bugs running rampant. Fight the creepy-crawlies with sticks, swords, guns, rocks, or whatever else you can find around the island. All of the moves are mapped to the Wii controls with the Nunchuk moving Ray around his environments. Check the screen below for look at the creepy visuals for the game:

- Mercury Meltdown Revolution is another game with gameplay in the same vein as Monkey Ball, Marble Madness, and the upcoming Kororinpa in which you manipulate the environment to get your marble, monkey, or in this case blob of mercury to the exit. In Mercury Meltdown, you will deal with color coded gates, various ramps, and other mechanical devices while making your way through each level. Magnets will tug you around the map and spikes will break your blob into two pieces while heating and cooling devices may alter your blob’s movement. Collect the bonus icons and reach the exits on over 150 maze-like levels as you race against the clock or join up with some friends to play five unlockable party games. Mercury Meltdown Revolution is going to be on the Wii in April of 2007.